Leading PS Performance Acceleration™

Service Performance Insight's two-day "Leading PS Performance Acceleration™" program is for PSO leaders.  It uses SPI’s Research-based PS Maturity Model™ and toolkit. At the end of the course, participants will not only understand the model, but will also identify, frame, and prioritize strategic improvement initiatives required to accelerate performance.

Prior to the course, participants complete a PS Maturity™ Benchmark with their most recent annual results.  A PS Maturity™ Scorecard is generated for each participant firm specifically comparing it to peer organizations. This information serves as a basis for prioritizing improvement initiatives.

SPI encourages participants to attend the course with other leaders from their organizations to maximize your outcomes with a high-quality performance acceleration strategy and plan.

The program is intense but fun. At the end of the course, participants are certified in SPI's PS Performance Acceleration™ methodology and are ready to lead their organizations to greater financial, operational, and delivery success.

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