Reports for Sale

SPI Research conducts research studies that provide insight into how project and services-driven organizations can accelerate productivity and profit. These studies are presented in reports which are available for purchase and will be sent via email in PDF format. Please include your email address when purchasing reports. Special discount pricing is available for organizations purchasing reports in bulk.

2013 Professional Services Sales & Marketing MaturityTM Benchmark

Most professional services organizations are dissatisfied with their sales, marketing (and packaging) effectiveness.  For the past eight years, over 1,500 PS organizations that have completed SPI Research’s benchmark surveys have consistently given their sales and marketing efforts failing marks.

The results for the very few firms that have successfully implemented PS sales, marketing and packaging disciplines, and made these activities central to their value proposition are extraordinary with 47 percent of all services sold as packaged solutions, 28.6 percent net profit and $255,000 annual revenue yield per consultant.


2012 Service Lifecycle Management MaturityTM Benchmark

The service industry is buzzing about a new way to create, sell and deliver repeatable service products. It’s called “service productization.” Many find productized services alluring because of the promise of bigger sales pipelines, rapid deal closure, faster client time-to-value and improved project delivery quality. Based on our research, no other recent business topic has generated the same level of curiosity – and confusion.

This report is based on completed surveys from 102 Professional Service Organizations and contains 87 pages with 96 insightful charts and graphs.


2011 Professional Services Global Pricing Report
$295 - Reduced Price

The Global Pricing Report is the largest and most comprehensive PS pricing study ever published based on pricing information provided by 200 PS organizations representing almost 12,000 consultants worldwide. The study provides analysis of list price and realized bill rates across a broad range of professional service verticals, geographies and job levels around the globe.

2010 - The Professional Services Business Applications Market Adoption

The report provides PS executives and software application providers insight into the level of market adoption, integration and satisfaction with core Professional Service business applications for ERP, CRM, PSA, HCM, BI, KM and Collaboration.