2014 Best-of-the-Best

The Top 13 firms outperformed their peers and the benchmark average with significantly higher profit, larger projects and more satisfied clients.

Best-of-the-Best PSO Comparison

Measurement                              Top 13 Firms          All Others Average    Advantage

EBITDA                                              30.2%                      9.8%                  209%
Average revenue per project                $413K                      $178K                132%
Size of deal pipeline to forecast           309%                        184%                  68%
Annual revenue per employee             $236K                      $150K                57%
Reference clients                                 85%                          74%                    14%
Projects delivered on-time                   84%                          77%                       9%

For the past five years, Service Performance Insight has conducted in-depth analysis of the top 5% of PS Maturity™ benchmark participants to uncover the reasons for their superlative performance.  Each year, the top 5% have been named the “Best-of-the-Best” based on superior PS Maturity benchmark scores. 

SPI Research is proud to announce the 2014 top performers:

  1. Campus Managementprovides robust, elegant and cost-effective software solutions for higher education institutions. Campus Management is a four-time winner.
  2. TOP Step Consultingprovides consulting, implementation and training for Professional Service operations and software. TOP Step Consulting is a five-time winner.
  3. Logical Design Solutions, Inc is a strategy and business solutions consulting firm that envisions and designs emerging business ecosystems.LDS is a five-time winner.
  4. TopDown Consulting is a leader in designing, implementing, and deploying EPM solutions.
  5. SmartERP provides innovative, cost-effective, and configurable solutions and services to common business problems on the Oracle PeopleSoft platform.  Two-time winner.
  6. e4 Services, LLC is a healthcare information technology consulting firm specializing in clinical, hospital information management and revenue cycle services.
  7. Agencyport Software builds software solutions that the world's top insurance carriers use to engage with their product distribution channels and technology partners.
  8. Charles River provides an end-to-end solution to automate front- and middle-office investment management functions across asset classes on a single platform.
  9. EAC Product Development Solutions  provides tools and services to help companies get products to market faster.
  10. Varrow provides technology solutions for virtualization, storage, managed services and disaster recovery through advanced consulting and design services.
  11. The New Office is a leading NetSuite solution provider specializing in helping businesses improve processes and collaboration.
  12. Informatica Corporation is a leading independent provider of data integration, data quality, and big data software and solutions.  Two-time winner.
  13. Trimble creates unique products and solutions incorporating positioning technologies that help customers streamline workflows and analyze complex information.