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SPI Research finished surveying for the 2016 PS Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark. The final report will be published the first week of February, 2016. 

In September, SPI Research released the 2015 Global Professional Services Pricing Study.   

In February SPI Research released its eighth annual benchmark study, The 2015 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark. The report analyses 220 professional services firms from around the world and provides insights on the Professional Services market direction.

SPI Research in the News


Jeanne Urich presented a Sneak Peek at the 2016 Professional Services Benchmark on January 28th.  

Dave Hofferberth presented The Top Five KPIs for Professional Services Organizations on January 21st


Jeanne Urich presented Key Ways to Supercharge Your Resource Management on November 17th.  

Dave Hofferberth attended Deltek Insight from November 3-5.

Dave Hofferberth presented Five Key Performance Indicators for greater financial success on October 7th.  

Jeanne Urich and Dave Hofferberth attended Workday Rising 2015 in Las Vegas September 28-29.  

Dave Hofferberth hosted A Round Table Discussion with the CxOs of the Highest-Performing Professional Services Firms on September 24th

Jeanne Urich presented Solution Provider Growth Formula on September 22nd.  

Jeanne Urich presented PSA & HCM: The Ultimate Resource Management System at Dreamforce 2015 on September 14th 

Jeanne Urich presented Metrics That Matter - Guidelines for a Growing Services Organization at Dreamforce 2015 on September 15th.

Jeanne Urich presented Chart Your Course to Professional Services Excellence  on September 11th .   

Dave Hofferberth presented Professional Services - How Leaders Harness Talent and Grow Margins on September 9th.

Jeanne Urich presented The Solution Provider Growth Formula – keys to improving performance and profitability at your solution provider business on August 25th.  

Dave Hofferberth presented Five Key Performance Indicators for greater financial success on July 30th.  Click here for the corresponding SPI Research Note.  

Jeanne Urich presented Driving Service Performance Integration, Alignment and Optimization on June 24th.  

Dave Hofferberth, along with Deltek, recently posted How to Win the War for Talent on June 19th.

Dave Hofferberth, along with Deltek, recently posted Out-Market & Out-sell Your Competition on June 19th.

Dave Hofferberth attended an executive briefing with UNIT4’s executive team on June 10th.  Read SPI Research’s INISGHT.  

Dave Hofferberth presented Looking forward - Catalysts for Growth in Professional Services on June 2nd.

Dave Hofferberth present Why's, When's & How's of Outsourcing Technology Support on May 12th.

Dave Hofferberth presented How Professional Services Firms Use Technology to Drive Financial and Operational Performance on May 8th.

Jeanne Urich presented at NetSuite SuiteWorld on May 6th in San Jose, CA. Click here to download the SPI Research Note.  

Dave Hofferberth presented Drive Performance to Record Levels at the Upland Impact 2015 Conference on April 29th

Jeanne Urich presented 2015 Strategies for Professional Services Leaders on Tuesday, April 14th in Washington DC, and on Wednesday, April 15th in Atlanta GA.

Dave Hofferberth presented How Great Technology Professional Service Companies Manage Headwinds and Excel on April 7th.

Jeanne Urich presented What drives the Best-of-the-Best organisations in APAC on March 25th.

Jeanne Urich participated in an Executive briefing Chart your course to Professional Services Excellence in San Francisco on Tuesday, March 17th.

Dave Hofferberth presented Grow a Profitable Professional Services Practice by Working Smarter, Not Harder on March 11th.

Jeanne Urich presented 2014 and Beyond: The Beginning of Goldilocks Years in Professional Services on February 25th.

Jeanne Urich presented What drives the Best-of-the-Best Professional Services Organizations? on February 12th.

SPI Research released its eighth annual benchmark study, The 2015 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark on February 9th.