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In February SPI Research released its seventh annual benchmark survey, “The 2014 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark.” The report analyses 238 professional services firms from around the world and provides insights on the Professional Services market direction.

Dave Hofferberth will present "Unleash the Power of the Budget" on Setpember 17th.  Stay tuned for details. 

Dave Hofferberth will present "Take a Huge STEP forward in 2014" on October 1st.  Stay tuned for details.  


SPI Research in the News


Dave Hofferberth presented Five Key Performance Indicators for greater financial success on August 21st.

 Dave Hofferberth and Jeanne Urich attended SAP Sapphire 2014 in Orlando, June 2 -5.

Dave Hofferberth and Jeanne Urich attended NetSuite SuiteWorld 2014 in San Jose, May 12-15.

SPI Research just published a Research Note on Projector PSA.

Dave Hofferberth presented Five Key Performance Indicators for greater financial success on Wednesday, April 23rd.

Dave Hofferberth presented Are Profits in Focus for 2014? on Monday, March 12th.

Jeanne Urich presented What Drives the Best-of-the-Best Professional Services Organizations? on Thursday, March 6th.

Dave Hofferberth presented Five Key Performance Indicators for greater financial success on February 27th.

Jeanne Urich presented Peaks, Valleys and Ditches in the PS World, Navigating the road to becoming the Best-of-the-Best on February 26th.

Dave Hofferberth presented How does your company match up?  Top Drivers of Performance and Profit for Professional Services on Wednesday. February 19th.

Dave Hofferberth presented Take a Huge STEP forward in 2014, reflecting on PS executives thoughts on Tuesday. February 18th.


Jeanne Urich and Hinge Marketing presented “Budgets, Benchmarks, and the Buyer's Brain” on November 14th.

Dave Hofferberth attended 2013 Deltek Insight in Dallas October 14-17.  Read his Research Note.

Dave Hofferberth is participating in the series "Top 5 Success Strategies for Professional Services Firms”, which identifies key strategies for improving your productivity and profitability.  You can also listen to replays of previously recoded webinars.  

SPI Research published the 2013 Professional Services Sales and Marketing Maturity™ Benchmark.

Dave Hofferberth presented "How Professional Services Firms Can Move from Good to Great" on October 30th.

On September 10th Dave Hofferberth participated on a panel titles “Finding Talent in Unexpected Places: Differently-Abled.”

Jeanne Urich presented "How to Turn Annual Planning into a Catalyst for Growth for Professional Services Organizations" on August 28th.

SPI Research was mentioned in a video on some of the Professional Services changing market dynamics and how to improve organizational performance.