Upcoming Events

On September 1st SPI Research will begin surveying for the 2017 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark

On Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at The Sea by Alexander’s Steakhouse in Palo Alto, CA, Jeanne Urich will present “Chart Your Course to Professional Services Excellence.”  This conference runs from 3:00 – 6:30 PM.  Appetizers and Cocktails served at 5:00 PM.  

On Tuesday, September 20th at 9AM PST (12PM EST) Dave Hofferberth will give present Leadership Strategies for Uncertain Times: Marketing & Selling Services, the first in a four-part series of webcasts.  Details to follow. 

On Thursday, September 22nd (7am PST) Jeanne Urich will present on Professional Services (PS) in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  Details to Follow.  

From September 26th – 28th Jeanne Urich and Dave Hofferberth will attend Workday Rising in Chicago.  

On October 4th, (2:30pm - 3:30pm) Jeanne Urich will present PSA: Challenge: How do You Rank Against the Top Professional Services Organizations? at Dreamforce in San Francisco.  

On October 19th Dave Hofferberth will discuss some of the issues facing talent management in PSOs and ways to improve performance.  Details to follow.

On October 25th Dave Hofferberth will present Addressing the different CRM needs of consulting firms.  Details to follow.  

On November 2nd Jeanne Urich will participate in a PS Thought Leadership Series in New York.  Details to Follow.  

On November 4th Jeanne Urich will participate in a PS Thought Leadership Series in Toronto. Details to Follow.  

From November 14th – 17th Dave Hofferberth will attend Deltek Insight in Washington, DC.   

SPI Research announced the publication of the 2016 PS Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark Report. 

In September, SPI Research released the 2015 Global Professional Services Pricing Study.   


SPI Research in the News


Jeanne Urich presented The State of the PS Industry: Leveraging Systems to Increase Profit in Sydney, Australia on July 27th.

Jeanne Urich hosted an interactive, educational afternoon, focused on winning PS industry strategies from the new 2016 PS Maturity™ Benchmark: 

Dave Hofferberth presented 5 Secrets to High Growth & Profit Through Project Sales and Delivery Alignment on June 9th.  

Jeanne Urich presented Grow or Slowly Fade Away: Why high growth firms are the most successful on May 12th.

Dave Hofferberth presented The Top Five KPIs for Professional Services Organizations on April 28th

Dave Hofferberth presented at Microsoft Envision in New Orleans on April 5th.  

Jeanne Urich presented 2016 and Beyond: The Top Five Professional Service Trends to Watch on February 24th.

Jeanne Urich presented the 2016 SPI PS Benchmark Survey Results on February 18th.

Jeanne Urich presented a Sneak Peek at the 2016 Professional Services Benchmark on January 28th.  

Dave Hofferberth presented The Top Five KPIs for Professional Services Organizations on January 21st


Jeanne Urich presented Key Ways to Supercharge Your Resource Management on November 17th.  

Dave Hofferberth attended Deltek Insight from November 3-5.

Dave Hofferberth presented Five Key Performance Indicators for greater financial success on October 7th.  

Jeanne Urich and Dave Hofferberth attended Workday Rising 2015 in Las Vegas September 28-29.  

Dave Hofferberth hosted A Round Table Discussion with the CxOs of the Highest-Performing Professional Services Firms on September 24th

Jeanne Urich presented Solution Provider Growth Formula on September 22nd.  

Jeanne Urich presented PSA & HCM: The Ultimate Resource Management System at Dreamforce 2015 on September 14th 

Jeanne Urich presented Metrics That Matter - Guidelines for a Growing Services Organization at Dreamforce 2015 on September 15th.

Jeanne Urich presented Chart Your Course to Professional Services Excellence  on September 11th .   

Dave Hofferberth presented Professional Services - How Leaders Harness Talent and Grow Margins on September 9th.